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short weekend

I guess theoretically all weekends are pretty short, but my "new normal" is definitely a truncated weekend.

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The week per Rob


Pisces Horoscope for week of August 18, 2016
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
If you're playing the card game known as bridge, you're lucky if you are dealt a hand that has no cards of a particular suit. This enables you, right from the beginning, to capture tricks using the trump suit. In other words, the lack of a certain resource gives you a distinct advantage. Let's apply this metaphor to your immediate future, Pisces. I'm guessing that you will benefit from what may seem to be an inadequacy or deficit. An absence will be a useful asset.




These weekends sure are short...

Every once in a while I feel unsettled by the amount of work I've taken on with the two-jobs thing.

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let's see

What does the universe have in store, at least per Rob?

Pisces Horoscope for week of August 11, 2016
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Are you ready for your mid-term exam? Luckily I'm here to help get you into the proper frame of mind to do well. Now study the following incitements with an air of amused rebelliousness. 1. You may have to act a bit wild or unruly in order to do the right thing. 2. Loving your enemies could motivate your allies to give you more of what you need. 3. Are you sufficiently audacious to explore the quirky happiness that can come from cultivating intriguing problems? 4. If you want people to change, try this: Change yourself in the precise way you want them to change.


Wait, I'm confused, if I study these with rebelliousness, am I rejecting them, embracing them, something in-between? Whatever, I'm down with cultivating intriguing problems, that's for sure.


This weekend

It was a weekend!

No need to cut, it wasn't THAT busy. Friday night, had a 2nd-job thing, a youth gathering at another local church. It was very neat. Didn't get home until like 10:45 though, so I pretty much fed the cats and crashed.

Saturday, SLEEP. Tripp and I had made a plan to finally actually do a video chat thing (he didn't have internet at home up to the task until like a week or two ago), so when I woke up we texted each other, went off to get food, then "met back" and actually chatted. The video part made the connection too slow/clodgy, so we just did voice-only until it was time to say goodbye. We talked for like an hour and a half, and it was really cool. Then we turned on video, let the cats "say" hello (well, Naomi did meow! And headbutt the phone.), and said our goodbyes.

Then I did laundry, and showered, and decided to go to the AFI for a movie. I picked Hunt for the Wilderpeople because it had good reviews, Sam Neill was in it, and I knew almost nothing about it. It was really delightful. Perhaps not QUITE as big a hit with me as my last AFI experiment, Sing Street, but totally worth seeing.

Afterward, I texted Amber, who was just getting home, and we met up at Adega for food, then did a little retail therapy at Marshalls. (hooray clearance shoes!) Then, home.

Sunday, up for church, which was lovely and relaxing, then Laura and I grabbed lunch, then I went back to the office for a few hours, then I headed home with a stop at Trader Joe's on the way.

Home, put stuff away, tidy up a little, watch some Olympics, go to bed. Not so bad, as weekends go. =D


Another week

Another check-in with Rob!

Pisces Horoscope for week of August 4, 2016
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Are you lingering at the crux of the crossroads, restless to move on but unsure of which direction will lead you to your sweet destiny? Are there too many theories swimming around in your brain, clogging up your intuition? Have you absorbed the opinions of so many "experts" that you've lost contact with your own core values? It's time to change all that. You're ready to quietly explode in a calm burst of practical lucidity. First steps: Tune out all the noise. Shed all the rationalizations. Purge all the worries. Ask yourself, "What is the path with heart?"


Sage advice. We'll see how that goes. =D



I cannot in good conscience complain about having two jobs, as I directly asked for and hoped for and wished for this situation, and I know it stands in sharp contrast to what others are experiencing. And in fact I don't want to complain, but just note for the record that I'm very busy and if anyone feels they're not seeing me/reading me/interacting with me as much, that is probably why.

The two jobs also contrast for me VERY nicely why exactly I am on this path to switch to a far less "lucrative" career.

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Emotions are kind of a pain

They really are. Emotions, I mean. They're a pain. I wouldn't trade them or anything, no, but they've been kicking me around lately and I wouldn't mind a brief respite.

ANYWAY what does Rob have to say this week?

Pisces Horoscope for week of July 28, 2016
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Millions of Pisceans less fortunate than you won't read this horoscope. Uninformed about the rocky patch of Yellow Brick Road that lies just ahead, they may blow a gasket or get a flat tire. You, on the other hand, will benefit from my oracular foreshadowing, as well as my inside connections with the Lords of Funky Karma. You will therefore be likely to drive with relaxed caution, keeping your vehicle unmarred in the process. That's why I'm predicting that although you may not arrive speedily at the next leg of your trip, you will do so safely and in style.


....thanks!? I think?


I require another weekend

This one was good, but draining.

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Just a Brezsny tidbit

Here's the week in the universe, per Rob:

Pisces Horoscope for week of July 21, 2016
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
I'm composing your horoscope on my iPhone after midnight on a crowded bus that's crammed with sweaty revelers. We're being transported back to civilization from a rural hideaway where we spent the last 12 hours at a raging party. I still feel ecstatic from the recent bacchanal, but the ride is uncomfortable. I'm pinned against a window by a sleepy, drunken dude who's not in full control of his body. But do I allow my predicament to interfere with my holy meditation on your destiny? I do not -- just as I trust you will keep stoking the fires of your own inspiration in the face of comparable irritations. You have been on a hot streak, my dear. Don't let anything tamp it down!


Sounds good! Inspiration does seem to abound this week so...rock on, Rob. =D


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