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What was I thinking?

No, really!

Right now, I'm just sort of playing around with this livejournal thing. Because that's the sort of thing that us riddles-wrapped-in-enigmas are wont to do. Though we are also fond of bacon sandwiches, and gin rummy.

UPDATE: 3 June 2003
Still enigmatic. Somewhat itchy. A little short on sleep, a little short on time. Still fond of bacon sammiches, gin rummy.

UPDATE: 5 May 2004
Oh, who am I kidding? I'm an addict. AN ADDICT I SAY!
Well, maybe not to the certain degree that others are, but I have certainly made LiveJournal a part of my life.
However, this does not render me any less (a) enigmatic or (b) fond of bacon sammiches or gin rummy.

UPDATE: 22 May 2006
I work in a place that has a cafeteria on the 9th floor. For $2.20 and an elevator ride, I can get a bacon sandwich (on wheat toast, buttered, and the lady is GENEROUS with the bacon) any morning I want. Well, except weekends, when I can make my own damn bacon sandwich. Enigmatically, I rarely do. When I do, however, the bliss levels go through the roof.

UPDATE: 6 July 2007
As of March of this year, I no longer work in the building that has the generous cafeteria lady who really loads up the bacon sandwiches. However, in my new position, I have a much shorter commute, a much higher quality of life, more bounce in my step...so I think losing the easy access to bacon sandwiches is adequately compensated. Of course I could still make a bacon sandwich at home, but that's so much...trouble.

Haven't had a good game of gin rummy in a while.

UPDATE: 18 January 2010
Strangely enough, the preceding statement wasn't a euphemism of any sort. In the past two and a half years I have had a few good games of gin rummy. And a few bacon sandwiches, but not many. In the intervening time I've also been diagnosed with diabetes and lost about 60 pounds. I still love bacon, but it is a more forbidden love now.